Sesonki’s weekend is started on Friday with different theme lunches from 10:30 to 14.
For snacking we have our bar menu which is served all day, to be enjoyed with a cocktail for instance.

Starting at 16 Fridays and Saturdays we serve our Chefs tasting menu as a three or five course ensembles.
Surprise menu is designed a new every week from seasons best ingredients. We have also chosen matching drinks to go with the menus also available as non alcoholic. Please inform us from any possible special diets or other things we should know about.

Welcome to Sesonki, enjoy our market of flavours!

Friday 21.2. 10.30 to 14
Fish Friday

Seafood pasta
14,00 €

Fried salmon medallion
with lemon seasoned potatoes and tarragon sauce
15,00 €

Charred pike perch
with crab sauce and dill potatoes
17,50 €


Dinners Friday and Saturday from 16 to 23 (kitchen 21.30)

Chef´s seasonal tasting menu

5 courses
58 €

3 courses
45 €

Matching drinks for the menu 41 € / 29 €, non-alcoholic 32 € / 20 €

Sesonki’s tasting menu is also available for vegetarians. For vegan menu we require pre-order.