Tuesday to Thursday

Sesonki’s weekdays from Tuesday to Thursday at 10:30-21 (last orders at 20)
We have few ready to order dishes, but biggest change is build your own dish style menu!
Choose from our proteins of the day add sides and finish with a sauce of your liking. You can make the dish that your heart desires.

Welcome to create your kind of restaurant experience in Sesonki!

Weeks lunch dishes are served from 10:30 to 16

Weeks appetizer
Toast Skagen
9,50 €

Pasta of the week
Pasta Carbonara
11,50 €

Fish of the week
Fish & Chips
14,00 €

Meat of the week
Onion steak with caramelized onion and cream sauce
13,00 €

Dessert of the week
Creme brulee with pineapple sorbet
8 €

Sesonki’s Food market is opens at 16. Find our daily meat, fish and seafood

Find fresh meat, fish and seafood from Sesonki´s treat market with help of our staff!

Side 5 € / portion

Fried cauliflower with sea weed

Caesar salad

Risotto with Parmesan cheese

Parmesan fries with ketchup


Mac & Cheese

Grilled paksoi with sesame seeds

Sauce 3 € / portion

Coriander aioli



Browned butter with horseradish


Beurre Blanc

Sour cream with white fish roe


Tartare with avocado and roasted rice
10 €

Marinated tomato with basil and olive oil
12 €

200 g of smoked shrimps with lemon and aioli
10 €

Cured beef
Tarragon crème, pickled onion and brioche
10 €

Bread basket
Malt and sour dough bread, potato flat bread and butter
5 €


Sesonki´s Fish & Chips  
16 €

with beer of the day
+ 4 €

Sesonki´s cheese burger with Parmesan fries
18 €


Crema Catalana
Orange pudding with cinnamon ice cream
8 €

Raspberry mousse with blueberry sorbet
8 €

Ice cream
Ice cream with dressing
4 €