Sesonki is full of different themes in the start of 2020!

Sesonki’s Boxing week

Sesonki’s boxing week is full of blinis!
From Thursday to Saturday 2.1.-4.1. at 16-21 (Last orders at 20)
Enjoy blinis with different toppings as much as you can, price is 30€/person. Lets start January with great treats!

Upcoming brunches
In two servings at 11 & 13:30 (last orders at 13:30)

5.1 Blini brunch 32€/person
Lets enjoy blinis with different toppings, eat as much as you like!

9.2 Fish&Seafood 38€/person
Fancier brunch for seafood lovers. Fish and shellfish as much as you can enjoy! Here we don’t care about meats, let the lakes and sea fill your tables.

15.3 Meatlovers 45€/person
Now its the time to eat meat! Chicken, beef and pork, everything what meat has to offer. Lets fill up with juicy delicacies. This time we won’t dip our toes in any sea or lake. Just running on farms and meadows!

19.4 Primavera 32€/person
Spring. Its the theme of this brunch. Enjoy spring time delicacies with Italian cuisine. Sesonki’s Primavera brunch celebrates beginning of spring! 

Upcoming theme dinners

Champagne evening
Tuesday 14.1. at 19
Lets start this year with fabulous Champagnes with Vindirekt’s Aki Summanen!
Festive four course dinner with marvelous bubbles.
120€/person inc. food and drinks

Organic wines and food
Tuesday 11.2. at 19
Welcome enjoy different combinations of organic wines and food with Winestate’s Katariina Immonen!
Organic four course dinner with matching drinks.
68€/person inc. food and drinks

Valentine’s Day
Friday 14.2.
Welcome to enjoy day of loving with Sesonki!
Roses and candles, let romance fill the air.
Four course menu 65€/person inc. glass of sparkling.
Matching drinks 39€/person also as non-alcohol
This day does not have regular dinner.

Tuesday 3.3. at 19
Come enjoy sushi and different Japanese treats with different wines! Tables are filled with festive shareable dishes to everyone to enjoy.
Vindirekt’s Aki Summanen comes to tell more about these wines.
89€/person inc. food and drinks

White wines
Tuesday 21.4. at 19
Winestate’s Katariina Immonen comes to teach us again with different white wines! Matti and his team have designed fabulous menu, what to enjoy with these wines. Spring is here and you can see summer in the horizon!
68€/person inc. food and drinks

Welcome to Sesonki!